Financial Aid Options For Adult Continuing Education Students

Finding a great job and advancing in that career have something in common. You need a good education. The more you have, the better it will be for you in the future. You may have been putting off continuing your education until later. The rising costs of attending a college or university is enough to stop a lot of people. However, there are options. Online education is a great program for those needing the flexibility in their schedule as well as help on the financial side. You can afford the online degree you really want.

There is now a program that is designed especially for veterans. The Yellow Ribbon GI Bill is available for those who served for thirty-six months (3 years) or more after September 1, 2001, or have service-related disabilities with an honorable discharge. Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to make sure you qualify for the program and for more information. It is also necessary to contact the school to be sure they participate in this program. The Yellow Ribbon GI Bill will make continuing your education much easier and more affordable for you.


There is also a new Federal Stimulus Legislation that will help make continuing education affordable. The programs are designed to assist public colleges and universities. Be sure to check with the school you have chosen to ensure they are participating in the program.

There are a variety of other options available for financial aid. Some of these are based on the student’s own personal circumstances. Single mothers, for example, are eligible for financial assistance. If you find you are not eligible for student loans, there are several government grants available.

If you are not eligible for the Yellow Ribbon GI Bill program, the financial aid department of your school is a good place to begin. They can help in assessing your needs and qualifications, and inform you about which types of financial aid you are qualified to receive. The good news is that no matter what your personal or financial situation may be, continuing education is now within your reach. This wide range of financial aid for adult continuing education students makes earning your online degree an easy, affordable, and positive experience.

Don’t allow your fear of the unknown stop your aspirations of continuing your education. Make sure to research all your options before making a decision. Use the Internet, your local library, or the school’s admissions office as resources. Make sure to weigh all the possibilities before turning away from an opportunity to help your future.

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