Feel the Richness of Buffalo Milk

Many animals produce milk, but buffalo milk is the most consumed milk compared to other livestock. It has a higher nutritional value, and several dairy products are made with buffalo milk, such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc.

If we talk about milk production, Murrahbuffalo can produce more milk than any other buffalo breed. In this following write-up, we will share some amazing facts about buffalo milk, which may help you to know more details about it. Before that, you must know what ingredients are present in buffalo milk.

Nutrient Value of Buffalo Milk

According to studies, one glass of milk contains 149 calories and carries 8 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of sugar, and 8 grams of protein. All these nutrients are more in buffalomilk versus other cattle milk. 

Drinking buffalo milk can give you 19 percent magnesium, 32 percent calcium, and 14 percent vitamin A. However, you need to know what impact buffalo milk has on your body.

Effects of Buffalo Milk on Human Body

Buffalo milk contains many beneficial substances that help to keep your body healthy and lively. Buffalomilk carries the goodness of protein and calcium, and also, it has less sodium and cholesterol. Buffalomilk can help you with rigid bones, strong teeth, and an active cardiovascular system.

Since buffalo milk is low in cholesterol, it can benefit people suffering from PCOD, kidney problems, and obesity. Among all the buffalo breeds, the Murrahbuffalo has the best milk quality, which helps you to stay strong and active. Sometimes, the fat that buffalo milk contains is difficult to digest for people with lactose intolerant.

Benefits of Drinking Buffalo Milk

The consumption of buffalomilk provides a lot of calcium and minerals essential for building bone structure. Also, it is an excellent source of casein-derived peptides that can help to increase healthy and strong bones. Besides this, drinking buffalomilk can help to protect from osteoporosis.

Studies show buffalomilk carries 58-60 percent of antioxidants, higher than milk produced by other animals. Also, buffalomilk provides fat-soluble vitamins and phenolic compounds like vitamins E and A, which help to strengthen the antioxidants.

Buffalo milk can help to control blood pressure as it contains beta-lactoglobulin and potassium. Beta-lactoglobulin is also considered a whey protein, an essential source of bioactive compounds that promote a happy and active heart condition. Research shows that beta-lactoglobulin resist the transformation of any enzyme into angiotensin, which can tighten your blood vessel and increases blood pressure levels.

Since buffalomilk is a good source of minerals, vitamins and fat can assist with skin texture, and it helps to lock all hydration and add moisture to your skin. You can apply buffalomilk or make a milk face pack to get plumbing and nourished skin. 

A Few More Advantages of Buffalo Milk

Buffalo milk can be the perfect source of wholesome protein. Also, it can be a preferable healthy drink for people who wants to gain weight or build muscles. According to studies, buffalomilk has more protein than other cattle milk. Besides that, protein takes time to digest, so the stomach remains full for a long time. Regarding protein density, Murrah buffalo’s milk is the king of all-breed milk. If you want all these benefits, you can buy a Murrah Bhains online website, where you can find a wide range of buffalo without any hassle.

Protein and fat in buffalomilk are crucial elements for hair growth. The presence of calcium in buffalomilk can help to promote hair growth and prevent hair fall. Buffalomilk contains vitamins A, B6, potassium, and protein biotin, which may help keep your hair smooth and moisturized.

Buffalo milk helps in keeping your eyes healthy and shiny. It contains vitamin A and zinc, which keep the eyesight crystal clear. Zinc with vitamin A assists in building a substance which is known as melanin, which protects the cornea like a shield.

Drinking one cup of buffalo milk daily may help your mental health. The presence of zinc can improve your brain function. Also, folic acid can be beneficial for memory loss, anxiety, and depression. Intake of one glass of milk before going to bed can relax your mind and helps to induce sleep.

Buffalo milk benefits pregnant women as it contains sufficient amounts of thiamin and vitamins C, A, B6, and niacin. Due to the presence of protein and calcium in buffalomilk, many doctors advise pregnant women to consume it. Still, you can consult the doctor before having this during pregnancy. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a Murrah Bhains online, you can download the MeraPashu360 app. Here, you can get cattle feed, especially for buffaloes. Also, a wide range of Murrahbuffalo and veterinary services are available. Download the app for more information. 

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