DIY Ideas To Make Your Home Aromatic

Making your home a positive place to live in is sometimes as easy as making it smell good. A good aromatic smell affects a person’s mood and performance. Just think about walking in your home after a long, hectic day and getting a pleasing aroma at first step. It refreshes you and enlightens your mood. There are several ways to make your home aromatic. Using fresh cinnamon, oil diffusers, scent sprays, and air fresheners are some of the most commonly used options. Another effective way is to light up your home with aromatic candles. They not only look marvelous but make your home smell great. Now you need not to rush to store to buy those expensive candles packed in candle boxes. There are many ideas to make scented candles and other fragrant things. Some of the simple DIY projects to make your home aromatic are discussed below:

  • Cinnamon Stick Candles:

It’s a simple but amazing craft to do it yourself. All you need is cinnamon sticks 3 inches in diameter, floral shears, hot glue and a dish. First of all, measure the height of the candle and cut the cinnamon sticks according to the size of the floral shears. 20 lengths per candle are required. Fix the cinnamon sticks vertically on the sides of the candle using a hot glue gun. As the candle can melt, so use a low-temperature setting. Let the first stick dry then stick the next one. Repeat the steps to cover the whole candle. Put the candle on the dish. It not only looks marvelous but you can enjoy the glorious smell of cinnamon all around. In this way you can make several candles. Pack them in attractive candle boxes to make them last longer. You may also gift your creations to your friends. Enclose them in candle gift boxes to make them more appealing.

  • Gel Air Freshener:

If you want to try something different from those market-bought air fresheners, here is the perfect idea. For this project, you need mason jars, 4 packs of unflavored gelatin, food color, salt, and essential oils/fragrance. First of all clean and prepare your jars. Add few drops of color and almost 30 drops of essential oil. If you want to make it stronger, you may put more drops. Boil a cup of water on the stove and put your gelatin packets inside it. Make sure to keep a permanent mixing to avoid clump formation. When it gets dissolved, add a cup of cold water and salt. Stir again. Pour the contents in the jars and stir. Place them overnight to settle the gel. Decorate your scented gel jar in the way you want. You may also find several of them in the market in attractive retail packaging, but this homemade version is worth considering.

  • Orange Peel Candles:

Oranges are not only for eating. They are great to make your home aromatic. All you need is an orange, knife, oil, and a candle lightener. First of all, cut your orange in half. Take a knife and run it along its edges to take the fruit out. Be careful, not to remove the inside stem. The white piece should remain in the center. Once the orange gets cleaned, fill it with oil. Keep it for 45 minutes to make oil sit in the orange. This will make it burn well. Now hold the lighter to heat the stem. You have to try it for 2-3 minutes. Let it rest for a moment. The stem should be brown or black at this point. Touch, it should be dry now. Try to relight it. Once you hear a crackling sound, the flame will take off on its own. Although, you can’t enclose it in printed candle boxes, but as long as it will keep burning you will feel a wonderful fragrance in your home. You may also find several them

  • Oil Diffusers:

Oil diffusers are simple way to scent your home without using a flame or heat. For it you require a vase, baby oil, essential oils, ribbons, washi tape and bamboo skewers. You may also use rattan diffusing sticks to get a better fragrance. First of all fill your vase 3/4th with an essential oil. Fill the remaining with baby oil. Place a washi tape at the end of skewer and fold it for decoration. Then place the skewers in the vase and tie a ribbon around. The oil will diffuse into the room through skewers. If you want to make it last long, remove the skewers. Close the mouth of the vase with a lid. In this way you can make several candles. Pack them in attractive candle packaging to make them last longer. You may also gift your creations . Enclose them in candle gift boxes

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