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Drawing For Kids seems like Snoopy and Charlie Brown have been around forever. The comic strip Peanuts, better known as Charlie Brown, was initially released before being turned into several other animated movies. I’ve created a simple, step-by-step sketching tutorial that creates Snoopy’s form entirely from scratch using just the most basic forms.

Charlie Brown’s pet beagle, Snoopy, is a friendly and endearing canine friend. Drawing For Kids In addition to being something that small children can do, older kids, teenagers, and adults will also like it. Below are steps and a demonstration on how to rapidly sketch Snoopy. to your benefit.

Simple Snoopy Drawing For Kids

In the Peanuts comic book series, Snoopy is a beagle with white fur and brown spots who resides in a fantasy world. One of the most unfortunate characters in the Peanuts comic strip and Charlie Brown’s beloved pet dog, Snoopy, rose to prominence as one of the most well-known figures in comic book history.

Charlie Brown was intended to be the main character in the well-known comic strip created by Charles Schulz, but Snoopy, the dog, nearly always ended up taking center stage. The other characters in the comic strip frequently treated Snoopy as if he were a person and even made him the star player on their baseball team, although they were unaware of Snoopy’s thinking. 1950 saw the comic strip debut, and by the end of that decade, Snoopy was able to stand up on his own and interact with readers through cartoon “thought bubbles.”

Step By Step Snoopy Drawing


  • Working from the most fundamental forms up, the first sketch down the basic shape of Snoopy. I can assure you that drawing him will be easy now that we have this information. To represent his face, ears, and feet, make an oval shape. As the figure above shows, draw circles for the hands and connect them with lines.


  • To make it simpler to arrange the facial characteristics, divide the face in half horizontally (to the right and left) and vertically (to the top and bottom) using the guidelines.
  • Draw an oval for the nose, two shorter downward-curving lines for the eyes, and another downward-curving line for the eyebrow. Keeping track of where they are regarding your established boundaries will make things much easier for you.


  • You can now use the facial oval you created in step one as a guide to help you build Snoopy’s face shape.


  • Pay close notice to how Snoopy’s smile extends from just below the bridge of his nose to just below his right eye as you sketch his mouth.


  • Draw Snoopy’s ears using the oval ears that you made in step one as a guide. Use the picture above as a reference.


  • Snoopy’s hands and fingers will then be drawn inside the lines created around the circles. As can be seen, each of the fingers has a bump on it, similar to the letter “m” or the number “3.”


  • The final step is to draw the roof of Snoopy’s doghouse. The roof only has a horizontal line that resembles a long dash, so adding further detail shouldn’t be too challenging. To create a readable, colorable image, find and fix the errors.
  • Enjoy coloring in this strange-looking yellow bird and beagle! Do you agree with me that Woodstock is the cutest?

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