Check Smart Event Solutions For Your Next In-Person Events

Technology has changed the event industry. Nowadays, organizations host different kinds of events like in-person events, hybrid events, and virtual events. All these events require some different features and smart solutions for making them successful. Events are strong marketing tools for the organizers so they want to host an event that successfully helps them reach and convert their audience.  There are some smart event solutions that we are going to discuss in this article. If you are hosting an in-person event and you are planning to upgrade it these smart event solutions can help you enhance your event.  

Smart Event Solutions To Make Your Event Successful 

1. Smart Registrations 

With smart event solutions, you can enhance your in-person events. The first smart solution on our list that can help in event management is smart registration. With smart registrations, you can offer online event registration to your audience. Your in-person event platform can help you manage your online registrations. Not just that you can set up a registration booth on-ground for on-site event registrations. 

With smart registration, you will be able to estimate the number of people that may attend your event. And with online registration, you can store the necessary data of your audience which you can use later to send them regular updates and to retarget your audience. 

2. Event Ticketing 

In-person event platforms can also manage event tickets. After your attendee registers for your event, the next step for you is to provide him with a ticket for the event. These event platforms can help with digital tickets. After your attendees register for the event and make payment for the same, the next step for you is to send them a digital ticket. You can share this ticket with your attendees by WhatsApp, text message, or E-mail. 

And your attendees can show this ticket at the counter for check-in. Because these platforms also provide on-site registration people can register and get their instant ticket on-site for the event. 

3. QR Code Check-Ins  

For On-ground events, QR check-ins are a way to allow participants with tickets for the event. QR code check in the system allows contactless check-in to the event. Your audience can easily check into the event without trouble. They don’t have to go to the counter to get the ticket and then check in after the whole procedure, they can register online, get their digital ticket and scan the QR for entry at the event. QR code check-in makes your user journey more seamless. 

On-spot Event Registration

4. RSVP Management

Smart event solutions can also help with RSVP management. You can easily manage your event invites through smart event platforms. Choose an event platform that allows you to manage your invites on the same platform.

As an organizer or an event host, you will need to send customized invites to your guests and attendees. Some event platforms will also have features like social media integration with which you can share your invites on different social media platforms. Managing your event and invites becomes more effortless with these smart solutions offered by event platforms. 

5. Smart Push Notifications

Push notification may seem like a minor feature to a lot of organizers or event managers but it is one of the most useful and interactive features. Push notifications can help you engage with your audience quickly. 

You can send them all the event-related information and updates through push notifications. You can send them reminders about the event, you can send them details like the date of the event, venue, and time as a reminder in the push notification. 

Not just that you can share polls and surveys in the push notifications too. Push notification is a very smart tool to use. It will keep your audience updated and the engagement between you and your audience will stay alive through push notifications. 

6. Mobile Event App 

When we are talking about smart event solutions we can’t miss mobile event apps. These apps are very useful for managing your event effectively. You can manage every aspect of your event with the help of mobile events. Smart mobile event apps are very beneficial, they help to create a more personalized experience for the users, they help in branding, and with mobile event apps your audience can easily connect with other participants, mobile event apps promote networking.  

Mobile event apps also support event registration, payment, and ticketing for all different types of events. Mobile event apps are all in one and they can be very useful in case of an in-person event.

7. Microsite Builder 

The next smart event solution that can make your event better is microsites. When you are hosting an event you should have a dedicated microsite that provides your audience with all the information and necessary details about the event. You can have a microsite for event registration or event feedback. 

Building a microsite will also help you collect user data. All the data that users will share on that site will get stored and organizers can use it for feature reference. 

8. Whatsapp Automation Solutions

The best smart event solution at present is WhatsApp business automation. This feature allows the organizer to use WhatsApp for Event tickets and event registrations. Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform and organizers can find most of their audience on the WhatsApp 

WhatsApp for Event Registration can help you provide your users with an easy way of registering for the event. Your audience is on WhatsApp. You can send them invites on the platform, and you also offer payment, registration, and ticketing through it. Not just that, WhatsApp can also support E-commerce, so you can sell your event merchandise.

The Bottom Line 

To make your event bigger and better you can use smart event solutions. Managing your event will become easier with these smart event solutions. You can make attending events convenient for your attendees, they can register online, make payments and tickets online, and receive all the important updates and reminders through WhatsApp automation. Checking in on events becomes easier. Most importantly you will be able to track your audience’s behavior with these solutions. So host your next event with smart solutions to make it effective and successful. 

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