Check Out The Personal Career Of Dr Sunil Kapoor Bhopal From Below

Education Industry has fulfilled Dr Sunil Kapoor’s dream of providing intellectual services to the nation’s youth. He joined the medical profession when he first started working in the field. His efforts and accomplishments are significant, from Honorary Advisor to Educational Societies in Central India to President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industries. Dr. Kapoor, a man of integrity, wants to raise education in India to new heights. To begin, he is focusing on the youth of Bhopal and other states where the University has colleges. Dr Sunil Kapoor Bhopal has made it easier for businesses to incorporate new trends thanks to his diversion and focus on creativity and his attitude of thinking “Out of the Box Strategies.”He gave his services selflessly when he had the chance to work in various capacities at the State and Central Government levels. He completes his higher studies and works honestly in various positions.

 Provide a quality education:

 The drive to make quality education available to everyone holds the most importance in the nation because society’s demand for it is growing rapidly. Dr Sunil Kapoor, chair of RKDF University in Bhopal, is the only individual guiding the entire process. RKDF University is making significant progress toward this goal.

Broadcasting, Government of India

• In charge Finance and Audit Committee

• In-charge Personnel Committee

 • Recruitments for Senior Positions under Prasar Bharati

• Organization of the Commonwealth Games

• Implementation of Policies

He was also a member of Prasar Bharti, where he served in charge of the Finance and Audit Committee and the Personnel Committee. He advised the Honourable Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources and chaired the Indo-Japanese Venture between the Government of Madhya Pradesh and Fujitsu, Japan. He also started a 360-degree scale-up at total Diagnostics Ltd., where he was the honorary advisor. In addition, he has held the position of President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industries, where he oversaw the construction of 350 industrial units in a brand-new industrial estate close to Bhopal, with the improvement of industries as his primary focus.

Plays an honest role:

He had likewise filled in as the Bad habit Executive All India Football League, where he strategised and contrived techniques to advance football in the country. Progress comes with responsibility, and not anyone who shrugs responsibility off can improve anything. Knowing this, Dr Sunil Kapoor Bhopal always plays his role honestly and tries to help the community in any way he can.

In addition to his desire to serve the less fortunate as fully as possible, his goal is to provide an education of the highest quality using cutting-edge technology. Working in a similar line, the RKDF College in Bhopal stretch out its help to the towns through its expansion programs. As a result, Dr Sunil Kapoor believes that education in harmony with humanity will always result in advancement for the nation’s future. He became an honorary advisor and initiated a 360-degree scale-up, and provided the best support for the people. He established around 350 industrial units with a new industrial estate near Bhopal.

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