Ayurveda for Insomnia

Insomnia is not something rare nowadays, especially in our hectic life today. This has natural modes of treatment and with the soothing massage from our Ayurvedic doctor in Dubai, you can experience a substantial difference.  This time we are breaking down the subject of Insomnia and understanding how Ayurveda can help find long-lasting health cures for the problem of insomnia.

What is insomnia?

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep? Have you ever wondered why you are not able to sleep soundly for the whole night? We’ll explain the reason behind this. A sleep disorder wherein a person faces certain discomfort with falling asleep can be understood as Insomnia. If the person is remaining in a rested phase throughout the night is referred to as ‘insomnia’. It can affect an individual either as a short-term disorder (acute) or a long-term disorder such as a chronic condition. Studies indicate that, in the world’s adult population between 21-60 years old, at least 20%-25% of the people suffer from insomnia. This disorder prompts signs of persistent yawning, lethargy, weakness, and lack of concentration. Thus insomnia negatively influences personal relationships, and professional commitments and hampers a person’s productivity. 

Types of insomnia

Primary Insomnia: Physical or emotional stress, demanding work schedules, and excessive travelling are the main reasons for this form of lack of sleep. This cannot be treated by changes in environment and behaviour as it is not caused by exterior factors. Non-medical therapies such as counselling and Ayurveda treatment in Dubai along with biofeedback are effective against primary insomnia.

Secondary Insomnia: This is much easier to treat than primary insomnia. The side effects streaming from underlying mental or neurological ailments as well as from long-term medications are the main reasons triggering this variant of insomnia. Asthma, heartburn, and arthritis are some of the health conditions which induce trouble in sleeping.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapies for Insomnia


Shirodhara had a positive effect on participants in an insomnia study.‘Shiro’ means head and ‘Dhara’ means flow and this ayurvedic treatment originated in India thousands of years ago. In the first step of Shirodhara, the practitioner pours medicated oil or herbal decoction onto the user’s forehead. This is followed by continuous head and scalp massage. Our best Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai has proved that Ayurveda can balance ‘doshas’ which means life forces within the human body.


This ayurvedic treatment involves oil massage by a practitioner. Sesame oil is the commonly used base oil for Abhyanga and before the time of application, it is mixed with special herbs which can target insomnia. Abhyanga increases blood circulation and helps to settle Vata imbalances. Also, studies indicate that this treatment can relieve stress and anxiety thereby relaxing the body of users.


This ayurvedic oil treatment is very effective against insomnia and also helps to balance Vata, Kapha, and Pitta doshas. This treatment involves placing three to five drops of nasal oil in the user’s nostril and sniffing the oil. Reports say daily lubrication with nasal oil improves the mental clarity of users by releasing built-up stress and relieving tensions. Also, it prevents other diseases like coryza, and chronic headaches and increases our immune power.


Panchakarma treatment acts as a detoxification process against insomnia and other ailments. Researchers believe it contains one of the most powerful healing modalities of ayurvedic medicine and Panchakarma is another way to natural sleep without consuming sleeping pills. This natural treatment can help to restore the body to its natural balance thus improving people’s health.


Ashwagandha is an ancient ayurvedic herbal medicine that has been used for thousands of years. This is a powerful adaptogen and Ashwagandha’s active compound called ‘Triethylene glycol ‘helps to induce sleep. Many researchers report that this herb’s benefits reduce anxiety and exhaustion. Also, it can enhance the mood and relieve other sleep problems. This is a safe and effective supplement which is directly penetrating to user’s central nerve system.


One of the natural ways followed at the prominent centres of Ayurveda Dubai for rectifying insomnia is eating some amount of fresh grapes before going to bed at night. Grapes contain beneficial nutrients like resveratrol, quercetin antioxidants, and melatonin which is a powerful compound. Eating grapes can eliminate harmful free radicals from the nervous system and provide a healthy deep sleep cycle. Ripened grapes act as a natural coolant and are useful in treating bleeding disorders.


This herb is also known as Bacopa monnieri. Brahmi is available in the form of oil and tablets in the market and helps to control insomnia. Researchers say that this herb can improve the mental clarity and performance of consumers and rejuvenates the mind. It also aids the proper function of the central nervous system and provides alertness and concentration. Brahmi can minimize the overflow of Kapha in our bodies and is an effective tonic for the Pitta dosha.


This Ayurvedic treatment mainly involves harmonizing body massage. The practitioners make use of soft materials like silk and fluffy brushes for the massage. Aromatic essential oils such as jasmine rose and almond is used in Samvahana. The message will be followed by a pacifying steam bath which offers noteworthy soporific characteristics to users and improves their quality of sleep.


‘Madhura Rasa’, that is eating foods having a high sweet taste is a very useful method against insomnia. Ikshu is basically the juice that is extracted from sugarcane and has rich content of tryptophan. This can form a key neurotransmitter called serotonin which lowers cortisol levels and regulates mood, and memory hence providing restful sleep at night.

 What are the Reasons for insomnia in ayurvedic research?

 According to Ayurveda insomnia is caused by a specific imbalance in the three doshas :

 Tarpaka Kapha

The main job of this dosha is to nourish the cells of the brain which result in a peaceful night’s sleep. This is an auxiliary dosha of Kapha which enables the smooth functioning of the brain and sense organs. If Tarpaka Kapha is not in balance then the brain cells go unnourished and lead to insomnia.

 Prana Vayu  

Insomnia is caused by an aggravated Vata dosha. Prana Vayu starts flowing excessively through the brain if Vata gets aggravated which results in hyperactivity and restlessness. Human lifestyles like drinking too much coffee and tea, and improper sleeping times can lead to this imbalance and this may lead to anxiety and depression.

 Sadhaka Pitta

This indicates an important Pitta dosha found in the heart. Sadhaka Pitta controls all of our emotions and if it is in balance, you will feel energized to reach your aspirations. With a consultation with our doctors at Ayurvedic centres in Dubai, the root cause and the solutions and cures can be found.  Did you know that any imbalance in Sadhaka Pitta results in a lack of motivation, anxiety, problems with resting functions in the body as well as insomnia? So, without knowledge,  we know a lot of patients who suffer problems in silence. Instead of doing your own medications, let the experts help you out in this matter.

There are many types of mental issues that each of us suffers in normal life. Often, relying on natural treatments procured under the science of Ayurveda is good for the body. This treatment is slow-paced but makes sure to cure the problem right from the core. So, that is why the Ayurvedic treatments done by well-experienced Ayurvedic practitioners in Dubai have positive results that help people for a lifetime. Visit Ayurcare, the best Ayurveda massage for more details. 

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