Are You the Right Candidate for The Best Face Lift

Sagging skin can make you feel depressed and lowers your self-esteem. If you work in
an industry where looking young matters, the ordeal is even worse. Today, thanks to the
evolution of science and technology, face lifts are gaining immense popularity. They are
no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Clinics across the globe are helping people
to get safe and effective face lifts at reasonable costs.

Getting ready for the best facelift?

If you have decided to go in for a facelift, you should first start searching for the right
doctor and clinic. The best face lift will meet your expectations and give you natural-
looking results. However, you should have realistic expectations about the facelift. It
depends upon the severity of your condition. Visit a good doctor to schedule a
consultation as he/she will help you understand the potential results better.

Candidacy for the facelift

The candidacy for your facelift depends upon many factors like your medical history,
your overall health, emotional state, your goals for the surgery, and your current
lifestyle. During your consultation with the surgeon, you can clarify the above and clear
your doubts. Your doctor will answer all your questions and determine whether the
facelift is right for you or not.

For a facelift, you should:

Be in good health.
Not smoke.
Able to take at least two weeks off work for rest and healing.
Activities should be limited for three to four weeks.
Have moderate to excess aging in the face.
Want natural and long-lasting facial rejuvenation.

Opting for a facelift is your choice. Good surgeons will never induce you into getting a
facelift if they think you do not need one. The consultation you attend with your surgeon
will only give you the information about the surgery. Opting for it is always your final

Facelift surgery for males

Facelift procedures are ideal for both men and women. However, the procedure is unique
and complex for males more than women. You should select a surgeon who is
experienced and familiar with the surgery.

For men, the surgery is complex because of their facial hair. The skin needs to be
tightened and re-positioned during the procedure. This often shifts the tissues that bear
the hair on the chin and cheeks of the man. The surgeon should pay attention to these
hair-bearing tissues to ensure the skin with the hair is properly positioned in place.
Men generally have shorter hairstyles than women, so the camouflage of scars is
difficult. If you are male, talk to a surgeon with experience and proven track records in
facelifts for both men and women. You should get superior results when you visit a
surgeon with positive reviews in the market.

In order to get the best face lift, keep the above tips in mind. Make sure you schedule
a consultation with an experienced surgeon and clear all your doubts. Once the surgery
is over, keep in mind the home-care tips recommended to you by your surgeon. In this
way, you will accelerate fast healing and get the best results too.

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