Amenities and Safety are Provided in Lara Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore

We all know that being away from home is no easy task. Lara Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore aimed for a comfortable and peaceful stay with the best possible facilities and delicious food. Having experience over 9 years, we guarantee that every inmate is completely satisfied with us. The motivation for service improvement is because of the encouragement of in-mates. Feel the difference and utilize all the facilities provided here. We provide top-notch services and one of the best ladies hostels in Coimbatore. You know what are the facilities gives Lara through this blog

Facilities in Lara Ladies Hostel

Women are always looking for top ladies hostel in Coimbatore where they can find flexible hours to work and study. The hostel must be in the prime location of Coimbatore. There you can book accommodation in a one-seater, two-seater and three-seater hostel with food. Some of the best facilities at Lara Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore are:

Flexible Timings

Although, the hostel management strictly adheres to the entry and exit times. For working women, it is a relaxing place. Because working women have multiple shifts in their work. So, it is not easy to follow the timings. However, time flexibility must be communicated in advance to the hostel owner and management.

24 Hours Wi-Fi

Everyone needs a strong internet connection. In girl’s hostels, there are Wi-Fi facilities where one can connect easily and do work from home easily. Everything is technology-oriented these days, so we offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi, newspapers, and TVs. These are helping you to stay connected with family, friends, and the outside world. Get hassle-free Wi-Fi connectivity. We also installed an LED TV with a UPS system.

Safety and Security

Security cameras are installed throughout the hostel grounds to record entry and exit times and to track incidents. Some guards work in shifts and never leave the premises. With 24/7 security and mandatory registration of inmate entry and exit times. Our gated hostel ensures complete safety and peace of mind for your loved ones.

CCTV & Surveillance

There are high-definition surveillance cameras that are monitored 24/7. Our security is highly protected by advanced technology. All inputs and outputs are systematically recorded. Our security cameras have audio and visual capabilities that keep a record of all hostel activities.


Dining is common in every girl’s hostel. There is a large dining room and an in-house canteen where food is cooked and served. 

Feel like home food

Our experienced chefs prepare nutritious, hygienic, and delicious dishes so that inmates don’t miss their mother’s preparations. A variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus cater to the different likes and dislikes of inmates. Purified mineral water is always available. Special dishes are prepared for festivals and special occasions.

Laundry/Washing Machine

Girl’s hostels have laundry facilities and there are washing machines available to wash clothes. However, girls can also go for paid laundry, if they want.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Regular housekeeping and well-ventilated rooms ensure a clean and healthy environment for inmates. Laundry services are also provided. All our rooms are cleaned regularly. There is a daily housekeeping service to ensure residents leave in a clean and tidy environment. All our rooms are spacious, clean, and ventilated, allowing working women to breathe fresh air.

Electricity and Water

Our uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators ensure that inmates do not have to endure power outages or scorching summers. 24-hour water supply is also available.

Motto of Lara

We are here to provide a healthy and hygienic environment for our hostel guests. Their care and attention are therefore our responsibility. Womens Hostel in Coimbatore ensures ‘health is wealth’. We consider health and safety as our top priority. Our only motto is to provide better hygienic service to make you feel like you are not away from home. Feel at home at Lara, a women-only shelter.

Lara Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore offers a comfort zone. The location of hostel is to perfect. It has all the conveniences of transportation, hospitals, police station, and shopping malls. The rooms are large and the beds are very private. Enjoys every day at our hostel.

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