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After high school, airport management programmes are becoming more and more popular, making it India’s most sought-after stream. Airport and aviation streams are trying to overcome losses despite the Covid situation, and things are under control. So you don’t have to think that the aviation industry is doomed and that it will take time to deal with losses, etc. After a brief economic shock, life is back on track and the world has moved forward. In India, the aviation sector has expanded quickly in recent years. The number of passengers flying increases by about 20% a year. All candidates who intend to enrol in airport management programmes after high school are being provided with numerous job opportunities as a result. Do not give up on your goals and

Courses in airport management are related to the administration of various airport operations and the management of airlines. You will receive instruction in the relevant skills, knowledge, and practical experience. Airport management research will provide information on Operational and Business Priorities. The managers of the air carrier and airports are the main subject. If a student wants to enrol in a graduate programme, they must meet the minimum requirements of 10th/ 12th grade or graduation. There is no required aviation-related course for enrollment in airport programmes in the 12th grade. All students are eligible to apply.

Which course to choose?

We have provided every detail so you can choose your course of action. With the airport, we put an attempt to confront all of your worries. What aviation course would be better for me, you ask? What college offers the best professional training and layout? How much will take this class cost in total? Or, whether an aviation career is possible or not. 

Highest Quality Airport Management Training in India

The full list of transportation management courses offered in India includes this segment. We have included information about each course’s service charges, universities, placement, and admissions procedures below. Look through the available coursework and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

1) Airport Management BBA

The most popular and frequently chosen course in the hotel management stream is the BBA in airport management. The three-year undergraduate programme includes subjects like protection, security, and technical details at airports. You will gain knowledge of how to manage the technical support team, operations, staff, freight dept, and the relevant operation. Applicants must have received at least 60 per cent of the possible points in class 12.

2) Airport Management Diploma Course

All crucial facets of running an airport, such as ground staff, tickets for flights, cargo management, etc., are covered in the Diploma in Aviation Program. You must pass class 12 with a minimal level of 50 percentage points in any stream, such as arts, commerce, or science, to be admitted. This course lasts for one year, though the exact length differs from college to college.

3) Aviation Floor Managing Training Class Diploma

This course lasts nine months in total, including three weeks of employment at any airport terminal and 6 months of classroom instruction. The typical class schedule is for 2-3 hours per day, Monday through Saturday. The age group is between 18 and 28. You need a grade of “C” or better from a recognised board to apply.

4) Airport Management MBA Program

Two years are required to perform the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Airport Management programme. You will learn about the aviation industry, brand management, finances, operations, etc. through the programme. It also teaches students how to manage, oversee, coordinate, and maintain the Hollister Town council Airport, as well as how to organise assigned tasks with local government agencies.

Indian Airport Management Career & Scope

Our research states that the amount of air travellers has surpassed millions annually. This is because more people are working and so this field is accessible to users around-the-clock. One of the ‘s tallest modes is the airline. Each year, the businesses provide transportation services to roughly 11 crore customers. A smooth flight experience is provided to passengers, and numerous operations, such as safety, plane, and commercial companies, are carried out every day to meet this expectation.

In India, there are several different programme formats for airport management, including undergrad, graduate, and diploma degrees. Applicants who choose airport courses have many opportunities for a successful career. After having completed airport business classes and receiving your high school diploma or GED, numerous employers will give you a fantastic compensation package.

Within a week of airport courses, jobs

Experts will have plenty of decent jobs in this sector after completing a course, whether it is an undergraduate, postgraduate, or certificate/diploma programme. The students receive training in handling personnel, air traffic control, etc. following completion of any airports semester after grade 12: some job profiles

  • Execs in Corporate Development
  • Sales professionals
  • System design analysts for businesses
  • Client Service Manager
  • Retail Trade Managers

Employer Sectors

Applicants who are curious about various work cultures should consider a career in airports because they will be exposed to individuals from various cultural backgrounds. This will help practitioners develop their personalities. You will have access to employment in fields like –

  • Internationally and domestically airports
  • DHL
  • shipping services
  • Airlines both domestic and abroad, etc.
  • Travel brokers

Average Wage: 

s a Fresher after finishing the program, the starting salary can range from 7-8 Lakhs PA. With more experience in this field, salaries rise. One who has experience can make over 10 lakh rupees per annum.

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