What Is An Airfood Recipe?

As you know, our country has been working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of our food production. We are in dire need of a way to produce transporting food that is not only sustainable but also cost-effective.

Essentially, an airfood recipe is one that does not use any containers or packaging for storage. Airfood recipes are packed with a combination of ice, water, and salt to dehydrate the food so it can be safely kept in traditional containers.
Today the only airfood recipe that is being used is for vegetables such as lettuce.
We hope to expand into other areas soon, such as meats and even bread.
The process of draining liquid from the food is called freeze-drying. When you eat an airfood recipe, you simply rehydrate it with water or a broth in order to make it edible again.
This keeps a great deal of the nutritional value of the food intact while reducing costs significantly by eliminating packaging and shipping costs altogether, making airfood cost effective in both economic and environmental senses.
If you have any questions about what an airfood recipe is, please don’t hesitate to ask someone from the government.
We are working hard to supply your needs and continue our campaign of sustainable living!

Today’s recipe: Airfood Spaghetti!
Step 1: Wash Pasta Under Running Water
Step 2: Remove Tomato Sauce From Canister With Spoon
Step 3: Add Smoothie Mix To Mixing Bowl And Mix Well With Knife
Step 4: Place In Jar And Cover With Lid
Step 5: Place Jar In Fridge Until Ready For Use. Enjoy!

The Future of Food – How Is It? What Is An Air Food Recipe?

Anyway, it’s pretty cool! So, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this video before, but it was too good not to share with you. Please take a minute and watch this marvelous video of the future of food. We all know what’s happening to our environment right now and we need to do something; so please click the link below and watch this interesting video. More then anything its a great start in educating yourself on the best way to eat in the future. It’s fascinating… Link: The Future Of Food – How Is It? Share |
Frozen Pizza Controversy.. I have been following this topic for a while now and can’t seem to make up my mind about it.

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