7 Tips for choosing the best Community Manager (Infographic)

Given the increasing popularity of social networks, which have ceased to be a thing for young people, the concern to be present in these channels grows on the part of brands. But not all social networks are the most suitable for a given company, but many times, depending on the sector, it will be better to focus efforts on one or two, than on all. For this, what you need is to know how to choose a Community Manager in the correct way.

How to choose Community Manager

Managing the reputation of your brand, therefore, irrefutably goes through social media, but how do you find an expert who really helps you not only to sell more, but also to interact with your customers, and improve the image and reputation of your brand?

Well, here are 7 tips to find the perfect Community Manager for your company:

1 Preferably Millennials

Many may be against this condition, but the truth is that mytopcompares, among whom I include myself, are digital natives, and we characterize ourselves by living our personal and professional lives with intensity in each and every one of the networks.

We do not miss the latest news or updates in each one, we know which are the top networks at each moment and just when they are no longer. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat … if you choose a millennial you will be choosing a CM who is one from his own experience and not by training.

2 Mastery of several languages

Choosing Community Manager is, exactly, mastering several languages ​​besides Spanish, or at least, mastering English . And it is possible that now you do not dedicate yourself to selling abroad, but with the ease and opportunities that eCommerce offers, you really never know.

In addition, in this way you can see and analyze what foreign competition does in social media and therefore, be able to apply these techniques to your brand.

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3 Creative and original

The success of your brand on social networks will be based on content. Whether it is text through post, videos, photographs, infographics, direct … without a doubt, when choosing Community Manager, he must be creative in terms of the content he shares, know the tastes of your customers and design and create valuable publications for them.

In this sense, if you have knowledge of video recording and editing better, since video is currently what is best broadcast. Of course, short videos.

4 That prioritize engagement

Social media is also, or should be if you choose the right Community Manager, the direct channel for customer service. Twitter and Facebook will be the ideal, although if you are an SME you can always use WhatsApp.

Your CM must prioritize engagement, and how is that achieved? Well, your CM will already know, but just in case you can remember it. Managing a brand’s social media is not creating content every day or week and publishing it. No, in addition to that, you should seek to interact with the followers.

You must respond to direct or private messages that reach us, like, share or even thank each user who shares something from our social network or our page / blog. We must thank the new followers, precisely and simply for that, for following us and finally we must make publications that seek the response of users, make them participate.

Engagement is that easy.

5 In-depth connoisseur of the brand

It is more than obvious, in order to correctly communicate the values ​​of your brand, know how to sell your products or services … you must know the company perfectly.

Therefore, it is often better to have an internal CM, since you will get to know the business better than some CM outside of it.

6 Knowledge in social media advertising

An important part of the Community Manager world is advertising. Mainly on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn depending on what you do.

Above all, at the beginning and to make yourself known, it is important to carry out a campaign focused on that objective, but once achieved, needs will arise for other campaigns such as, for example, promoting an event, an offer, or simply attracting new customers. .

That is why, you have to have experience in social media campaigns, in different networks, to be able to carry out optimized campaigns with very striking results.

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7 Analytical and Resolutive

Finally, and as for everything in this life, your CM must be decisive. That is, you must understand the metrics and data that emerge from the management of each social network. Each one has an “Analytics” section where we can see the details of our management.

So of course it is important that you know how to search for them, extract them, understand them and draw conclusions and improvements for future actions.

Basically, with these 7 tips, you can choose a Community Manager for your company … And make it one of the best! A CM that will help you grow in sales and online reputation thanks to managing your brand on different social channels.

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