5 Initial Steps to Get Your House Ready for Sale

Prospective customers are often influenced by first impressions. This is why a qualified realtor will visit your property and provide recommendations for the improvements and repairs that will best complement it and help it sell quickly. You and your agent will picture what a prospective buyer would see as they approach and tour each room of your home. Your realtor will be aware of the preferences of possible buyers in your area and price range, as well as what will best assist you sell your distinctive house and highlight its advantages. A general list to get you started is provided below.

Night Lights

Many individuals are unaware that prospective purchasers frequently pass by your house at night. If your home’s features aren’t sufficiently lit, make an investment in a new porch light and some ground lighting to draw attention to your pathway or other landscaping elements.


Exterior Appeal

Clean up your yard, edge your lawn, and trim any bushes you have to improve the curb appeal of your home. Fix any visual flaws that might turn potential buyers off, such as concrete cracks, weeds, broken porch posts, unsightly doors, and any junk you may have piled up in front of your house. Additionally, if you have a mailbox, make sure it’s lovely and that your doorbell functions well and emits a pleasing sound that can be heard from the outside.


Inside Prep

Remove any extraneous objects from the house so that potential buyers may see their own belongings there as the first step in preparing your house for sale. When it comes to furniture and decorations, less is more. The basic minimum of furniture should be used to convey the size of the room, and only then may dcor be added to emphasize certain aspects or draw the eye. Remove everything from your closet except for around one-third of the items and get hangers that match. All carpets in the house should be either replaced or shampooed. Pay close care to stage the bathrooms with new hand soap, new guest towels, a tidy-looking shower curtain, and a brand-new roll of toilet paper (V.I.P folded, over, not under, and pointed down in the shape of a triangle). Dress beds with stylish, coordinated bedding.


Complete all inexpensive and minor repairs

Buyers will consider all of the house’s functional components and add up even minor fixes. Make sure to fix any leaky faucets, broken or squeaky doors, light bulbs, fans, and newly caulk bathtubs and showers as needed, change filters, check and clean the hot water heater, and clean and polish appliances to the best of your ability. You may also discuss with prospective buyers your typical power bills and other home costs that are particular to your house or place a sheet of paper to appliances outlining their appealing qualities.


When hosting open houses, engage their senses

It will appeal to buyer’s senses and make them feel at home if there are all the lights on, the blinds are open, there is a candle burning, and there are fresh cookies (ideally just baked for the aroma). All pet supplies, such as food and dishes, should be taken away. Close toilet lids and empty garbage cans.


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