20 Topics For Logistics And Operations Management Thesis

Are you struggling to find suitable topics for writing your operations management thesis? Well, worry no more, as we will help you find the best topics for your thesis per your institute’s guidelines and your supervisor’s instructions. We will also include thesis writing guidelines in this article which will make the thesis writing process a breeze for you!

What Are The Best 20 Topics For Logistics and Operations Management Thesis?

Logistics and Operations management is a diverse field of study where you can research almost any interesting topic. The following topics are best for research and writing an operations management thesis.

  1. Investigating the dangers of green technology in the Chinese construction industry
  2. Analysing operational risk in software project outsourcing for multinational corporations
  3. How do a company’s merger and acquisition affect its employees’ performance? An exploratory study to identify the factors influencing employee performance and an example of ABC Company in this regard (Any company or companies can be studied)
  4. The effect of strategic management on corporate financial performance
  5. Analysing the operational risks associated with automobile manufacturing and the role of plant managers in mitigating these risks.
  6. A case study of the UK IT sector’s company’s trade-off between innovation and uniformity
  7. Analysing the operational risks associated with automobile manufacturing and the role of plant managers in mitigating these risks
  8. Operation Management- A comparison of various forecasting approaches
  9. An investigation into the efficacy of RBT in strategic operation management in the UK manufacturing industry
  10. A Literature Review on Humanitarian Operations Management
  11. An international study to determine whether Operations Management solutions effectively meet the needs of home care organisations
  12. Analysing the impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on improving the business operations of multinational corporations
  13. The effect of Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory on the supply chain efficiency of large retail outlets
  14. Analysing the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing logistical operations in the UK construction industry
  15. Evaluating and contrasting the operations management strategies of B2B and B2C business models
  16. Analysing the operational risks involved in automobile manufacturing and how plant managers can reduce these risks
  17. JIT’s impact on large retail outlets’ supply chain efficiency
  18. B2B and B2C business models have different operational management strategies.
  19. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  20. TQM (Total Quality Management) as a means of gaining a competitive advantage

Note: You can write your thesis for operation management on the list of topics mentioned. Some of these topics may also include primary research, which may include conducting interviews and questionnaires with industry practitioners to suggest the most efficient systems and present the pros and cons of each system based on primary research data.

Operations Management Thesis Writing Guidelines:

While writing an operations management thesis, you should keep the following guidelines in your mind:

Obey Your Instructor’s Instructions

You must follow your advisor’s instructions when choosing a topic for your operations management thesis. It will save you from having to start over with your thesis. Your institute will provide specific guidelines for writing your thesis and selecting a title.

Select an Interesting Topic

Your operations management thesis topic should be interesting and pique the reader’s interest. It should be appealing to readers at first glance. It is preferable to begin with a topic that interests you. When you choose such a topic, the chances are that your reader will find the thesis topic appealing as well.

Thoroughly Research Your Topic

You should put time and money into your thesis research because it is necessary to gather valuable and rich content to include in your academic papers. When you thoroughly research your topic, you will be able to make clear observations and gather new information for your operations management thesis. Extensive research is required to write a first-rate thesis.

Establish the Research Question

You should clearly and elaborately present the research problem to your readers. Your writing must emphasise your academic papers’ impact on research and your field of study. Keep this section brief, but narrate everything relevant to your reader.

When you choose such a topic, your chances are significantly increased.

Examine the Subject from Various Perspectives

In addition to the traditional approach, you should consider the sociological aspects of your thesis title. You can concentrate on a specific community, a historical angle, a period, a location, or a geographical angle. It will give your work more depth and value in the eyes of your supervisor. Conducting a survey or conducting interviews will help you discover new information for your operations management thesis.

Make Use of Relevant Sources

You should cite as many relevant sources as possible while researching the topic. It is best to use a reference manager to keep track of all relevant sources. It will boost the worth of your thesis. Reading current journals or articles can help you develop better thesis title ideas. As a result, you should stay current on the latest developments in your field of study.

Cover a Wide Range of Subject Matter

Considering the associative concepts and words that may come to mind when brainstorming ideas for your operations management thesis would be beneficial. If you find it difficult to write a thesis or academic papers on your own, you can seek assistance from an online thesis writing service. Your writing must cover the broad aspects of your topic in-depth and highlight the impact of your work in your field of study. You can also buy thesis online from a thesis writing agency to get your thesis in less than no time.


Following these guidelines and instructions while writing your thesis guarantees you will receive your desired grade. You can also choose any topic mentioned in this article to write your operations management thesis. These topics cover a wide scope of your domain of study, and you can write impeccable papers on these thesis topics after extensive research.

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