1 Carat vs 2 Carat Diamond: Which is Right for You?

Now that you have decided to get on one knee to propose to your partner, it is time to get that perfect engagement ring. In many things, size does matter, including a diamond engagement ring. Which diamond ring should you choose between the 2 carat diamond vs 1 carat diamond ring? If you have difficulty selecting the perfect ring for your marriage proposal, keep reading this post to make an informed choice. 

2 Carat Diamond Vs 1 Carat Diamond: Which One is the Best? 

To make an informed choice when buying a diamond ring, you need to understand the characteristics of a diamond ring. This has everything to do with the 4Cs – Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. A diamond’s carat is its weight. The key difference between a 2 carat diamond vs. 1 carat diamond is the price. These two diamond engagement rings have different price tags. 
Many couples choose between these two-carat diamond rings because of their budget and personal preferences. While some may prefer a more subtle call that blends with everyday life, others prefer larger diamonds to grab mass attention. No denying that making the right choice is not a walk in the park, especially with so many options. 
To make it simpler to understand this guide, we will use round-shaped diamonds as an example. These types of diamonds are popular in the engagement ring market. We will explain the critical points between the 2 carat diamond and one-diamond engagement rings. These key factors include diameter, the cost of these two diamond carats, popularity, and intrinsic value. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it. 

1. The Diameter

Diamond gemstones are objects with three dimensions that distribute weight equally at all angles. Many people who need to be more knowledgeable about diamond rings may think that a 2 carat diamond stone is twice as big as a 1-carat stone. However, they can look the same, depending on the diamond cut. Here is a simple explanation to help you understand the concept of a carat in diamonds. 
The appearance of the diamond at the top is often used to determine its size. A 2-carat diamond measures about 8.2mm in diameter. A 1-carat diamond, on the other hand, is 6.5mm in diameter. Carat in diamonds denotes weight and not size, which is why a 2-carat diamond is not 13mm, as expected. When it comes to weight, diamonds are measured from all angles. 

2. 2 Carat Diamond vs 1 Carat Diamond Price 

The price of a diamond stone or ring may vary. What typically affects the price of diamonds is color and clarity. Let’s take clarity G color SI1, for example. It would cost about $6,000 to buy a 1ct G-SI1 diamond with excellent polish, symmetry, and cut. A 2-carat diamond stone with the same characteristics goes for $23,000. This is a significant price margin. The cost difference between these two rings is a whopping $19,000.
A 2 Carat diamond ring should cost twice as much as a 1 carat diamond. Unfortunately, the price is not set this way in the diamond industry. Most often, the cost of a diamond stone is influenced by the reality of the rock and not the weight. Finding a 1 carat diamond stone is much easier than a 2 carat diamond ring. It shows that larger gemstones with similar characteristics may cost four times as much as smaller gems with lower clarity and smaller size. 

3. Popularity

What a diamond means to you is just as important as its size. Some women prefer larger diamond stones on their engagement rings because they represent social status. Other women care less about the size of the stone because they cherish commitment rather than social status. 
Most engagement rings in the United States consist of 1-carat and 2-carat diamond stones. Most professionals prefer buying 2 carat diamond rings in big cities like New York. Regardless of the choice of carat, you are going to pick, you should consider other factors before making up your mind. 

4. Intrinsic value

The value of a diamond ring is another consideration when it comes to 1 carat diamond vs 2 carat diamond rings. The reason is that you can invest in a valuable diamond engagement ring. The price of a diamond piece depreciates by 20 percent the moment you step out of the jewelry store. This means that if you decide to sell your diamond engagement ring in the future, you will have to sell it at a lower price than what you bought it with. 
You will only invest in your diamond engagement ring if you buy and sell it a couple of years later. However, if the diamond piece is kept intact for centuries, its price will appreciate tremendously. It will only understand if it stays in the family for generations. 


Diamond rings for engagements should be seen as symbols of love rather than investment. While other couples may prefer more giant diamond stones to represent social status, others may prefer smaller ones because it’s all about commitment. When it comes to 2 carat diamond vs 1 carat diamond rings, clarity matters, not size. Before you decide which stone size to go for, it is always good to ask for professional help. 

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