15 best budget-friendly Himalayan treks


The Himalayan range is a group of mountains in India and neighboring nations. The Himalayas are home to some of the world’s tallest peaks. The Himalayas are popular for the activities that may be done on these peaks, such as trekking, climbing, paragliding, rafting in streams, and watching magnificent waterfalls.

Set out on such a walk to experience pure splendor and to learn about the great range of animals and plants. These Budget-Friendly Himalayan hikes are ideal for any passionate trekker looking to organize a also visit buran ghati trek.

1) Trek to Kedarkantha

  • One of the most affordable Himalayan climbs combines unspoiled scenery and enthralling camp locations. 
  • As soon as you arrive at the journey site, you will see snow peaks and get a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the immaculate summits. The most thrilling aspect of the hike is seeing the majestic Himalayas from the heights.
  • The greatest time to visit Kedarkantha is during the winter months, from December to April, when the entire area is blanketed in virgin snow, making it one of the most magnificent hiking destinations in India.

2) Trek to Sandakphu

  • A natural paradise! Indeed. Consider yourself immersed in the splendor of a few budget-friendly Himalayan climbs. 
  • Sandakphu is one such lovely spot that is a joy to trek to. This region contains the world’s tallest summits, as well as the fourth and fifth highest peaks
  •  A top Sandakphu, the gigantic massifs of Everest (8848 m), Kanchenjunga (8586 m), Lhotse (8516 m), and Makalu (8463 m) could be viewed.

3) Trek Dayara Bugyal

  • Dayara Bugyal is one of the most breathtaking treks in Uttarakhand due to the highland meadows. 
  • It is 3688 meters above sea level. Dayara Bugyal walk is a fairly easy trek, making it an ideal platform for beginning hikers. 
  • This simple hiking track winds through beautiful green meadows and deep woods of oak and alpine trees.
  • During the winter months, when the entire valley is blanketed in thick sheets of snow, the breathtaking meadows entice and encourage skiers from all over the nation. You can see the dynamic when driving through the beautiful green valleys and woodland places.

4) Trekking the Hampta Pass

  • Amateur mountaineers flock to Hampta Pass to observe the confluence of the Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti rivers. 
  • The steep and mostly covered in greenish tan grassland – Hampta Pass rises at a towering height of 4,270 m above sea level and requires a trip across uncertain terrains. 
  • Apart from its lush setting and road along with expansive meadows, Hampta Pass is well-known for bringing mountaineers on a journey where scenery varies dramatically every few hours.
  • The Hampta Pass trek is mostly undertaken by mountain fans searching for a fair type of experience where no prior mountaineering knowledge is necessary and only a moderate level of fitness is required to walk the entire route. The journey not only

5) Trek to Har-ki-Doon

  • Har-Ki-Doon, the hanging valley of gods in the Indian Himalayas, is a must-see for trekkers. Har Ki Doon Trip in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal Himalaya is a modest trek that takes you to one of the least visited parts of Garhwal.
  • Har Ki Doon Valley is studded with wild Himalayan Flowers, and the entire valley is brilliant during the monsoon flowering season. Uttarakhand’s Nag Tibba Trek
  • Nag Tibba is the tallest mountain in Uttarakhand’s lower Himalayan area, rising 3,022 meters above sea level. 
  • The hike was named after ‘Nag Devta’ and is a fantastic weekend getaway spot for adventure seekers. 

6) Chopta Chandrashila Trek

  • Chandrashila means MOON ROCK and is one of the less budget-friendly Himalayan treks. 
  • Various stories prevail related to this trek. It is also considered the sacred place where Lord Rama meditated after defeating the evil king, Ravana. 

The breathtaking trekking route provides a 360-degree picture of the mighty Himalayas.

7) Dodi-Tal-Trek

  • Dodi Tal Trek is one of the most popular hiking locations in Uttarakhand, known for its picturesque lake, deep forest, and calm surroundings. 
  • The lake is nourished by natural mountain springs and serves as a water supply for the beautiful river Asi Ganga. 
  • Trekkers who want to go amid lush foliage rather than stark harsh mountain routes can choose this enthralling mountain trip.

8) Har-ki-doon-trek

  • Har ki Doon, located at the base of Fateh Parbat and reaching a height of 3556m, is an excellent choice for first-timers. 
  • The walk begins at Sankari, at an elevation of 1950 meters, and winds through scenic meadows studded with scented flowers, snow-covered trails, and the habitats of friendly animals to the base of Swargarohini Mountain.
  •  The trek is made more magical by the wild orchid blossoms that bloom all year round.

9) Bedni-bugyaltrek

  • Bedni Bugyal, Uttarakhand’s finest high-altitude grassland, is regarded as one of the most romantic sites in the Himalayan range.
  •  The journey has a variety of high-altitude flowers and plants not found on typical low-altitude excursions. 
  • Visitors are greeted with breathtaking vistas as far as the eye can see, with huge pristine meadows, rolling mountain ranges, and lovely valleys.

10) Chenab Lake Trek:

  • Chenab Lake Trek is one of the least explored and appealing trekking destinations in the Indian Himalayas.
  • The walk ascends from 2050m to 4000m and concludes in a crystalline water body, which is the major feature of this trek. 
  • To reach the peak, one must first pass through Dang hamlet, Joshimath’s final human settlement. En way, learn about the majestic Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Dunagiri.

11) Valley of Flowers Hike is a well-known trek in Uttarakhand

  • The Valley of Flowers provides a beautiful picture since the valley is encircled by flower beds, and you can smell the fragrant environment. 
  • It is an undisturbed and completely tranquil trip where you can enjoy the gorgeous layers of flowers in abundant grassland interspersed with trickling waterfalls and dark green mountains scattered with snow 

12) Trek to Deoriatal Chandrashila

  • The Deoriatal Chandrashila trip is a 6-day trek with Indiahikes. It is a highly unique journey since you can view all of the major peaks of Western and Eastern Uttarakhand from the summit, rather than simply a piece of the Himalayan ranges.
  • Not only that, but if you hike between March and April, you’ll be walking amid fully flowered rhododendrons! And, because of the variety of birds seen on the route, it is properly referred to be a bird watcher’s paradise.

13) Phulara Ridge Hike

  • In September, October, November, May, and June, the Phulara Ridge trip is ideal. It is a one-of-a-kind ridge climb in India and one of the more recent treks. Another reason why every trekker should complete this trek is the gorgeous Pushtara meadows.

14) Trekking to Sandakphu Phalut

  • The Sandakphu Phalut walk is one of the rare climbs from which you can see four of the world’s five highest mountains: Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu, and Mt Kanchenjunga. 
  • This perspective is what distinguishes the Sandakphu hikes from the rest of the Himalayan climbs. Along with this, you can view the Kanchenjunga range, as well as other Himalayan ranges, including the Sleeping Buddha – a sight that will stay with you for years.

15) Roopkund Trekking

  • One of the more affordable Himalayan hikes, known as the mystery lake,’ is located on the slopes of the Trishul Massif. 
  • The journey is also known as Skeleton Lake Trek because the trekker will come across laying skeletons on the sea bed or the lake’s shore, which are thought to be the remains of dead individuals from the 9th century.

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