10 Best Godrej Refrigerator Models in India 2022

Godrej Fridge

Godrej refrigerator is one of the major products in the Home appliances division of Godrej Group. It is an Indian private company that is more than a century old with its headquarters in Mumbai. A Godrej refrigerator is popular among its users for quality, customer service, durability, and low power consumption. 

Godrej is one of the leading refrigerator brands in India. From just 30L to a staggering 564L, they have fridges of all capacities and prices. This list will help you choose the best one as per your budget.

Godrej 192 Litres Direct Cool Hygiene+ Inverter Single Door Refrigerator with 4 Star

This Godrej refrigerator is equipped with Turbo Cooling Technology, which enables it to produce ice up to 20% quicker and cool bottles up to 20% more quickly. Freshness is preserved for up to 24 days with this Direct Cool Refrigerator. The 122-unit yearly power consumption of this refrigerator with a 4-star energy rating means you’ll be saving even more money on your utility bills.

In today’s market, one may still find a range of Godrej refrigerator price within your budget range, with each appliance having its own distinct set of features.

Godrej RD EDGE PRO 210 Litres Direct Cool Inverter Single Door Refrigerator with 3 Star

Consider replacing your old refrigerator with the Godrej RD EDGE PRO 210 L Direct Cool inverter fridge. It has a modern look and will go well with your kitchen cabinets. The Godrej refrigerator price is modest considering it has several beneficial features you may use every day.

Godrej Eon Vibe 331 Litres Frost Free Intelligent Inverter Technology double door refrigerator with 2 Star

The four methods of fridge freezer conversion on this Godrej Eon Vibe 331 Litres 2 Star Frost Free Intelligent inverter technology double-door refrigerator allows you to turn your cooler into a refrigerator or just use the cooler area, depending on your requirements. With 33L litres of storage, you can store a lot, from heavy pots and pans to big bottles, fruits, and vegetables.

Godrej 261 Litres Frost Free Intelligent Inverter double door fridge with 3 Star

This refrigerator has the largest shelf available in its category, allowing for an exceptionally large amount of storage capacity to be used. Use the freezer section as a refrigerator with this 6-in-1 Convertible Refrigerator. Extra-large bottles of water and cola may be conveniently stored in the door’s 2.25 L bottle slot.

Godrej EDGE PRO 182 Litres Single Door Refrigerator with 3 stars

All the features you’d expect from a full-featured refrigerator may be found in this Godrej refrigerator. If you store perishable foodstuffs in your refrigerator, the temperature may be adjusted to meet their storage needs. It has three shelves that can hold a lot of things.

Godrej 221 Litres Direct Cool Intelligent Inverter Single Door Refrigerator with 3 Star

This refrigerator is equipped with Advanced Inverter Technology, which enables it to use a variable-speed compressor and intelligently adapt its operations. You get a refrigeration system that is more energy efficient, more durable, and runs more quietly. The water is heated so that it evaporates quickly. This slows the growth of germs and insects and makes it easier to clean.

Godrej 200 Litres Direct Cool Intelligent Inverter Single Door Refrigerator with 3 Star

When it comes to preserving fresh fruits and veggies for lengthy periods of time, this Godrej refrigerator is a stress-free option. It works even with a low starting voltage of 110V. Even during a power outage, the system may be powered by a home inverter. The Godrej refrigerator price is affordable enough for a typical Indian family to purchase it in easy instalments from an online marketplace like Bajaj Mall.

Godrej Eon Valor 261 Litres Frost Free Intelligent Inverter Double Door Refrigerator with 3 Star Energy Rating

The Intelligent Inverter Compressor technology in this refrigerator ensures optimal cooling by regulating the refrigerator’s internal temperature and humidity. The vents that make up this system are positioned in such a way that they are right above the food they are intended to chill. It sprays cold air on every shelf to keep a steady temperature.

Godrej Eon Vibe 311 litres Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator with 2 stars

You can get the Godrej Eon Vibe 311 litre 2 Star Frost Free double door refrigerator online, which has a fantastic design and will enhance the look of your kitchen. Aroma Lock neutralizes odors and slows the breakdown of food, extending its shelf life. The Anti-B technology ensures that food is both fresh and safe to eat.

Godrej Eon Vibe 350L Frost-Free Intelligent Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

The inside of this refrigerator is illuminated by LED lighting that is both energy efficient and bright, making it simple for you to locate the items you need while also allowing for more storage capacity and a reduction in your monthly power costs. The 350-liter model provides ample room for a large family’s groceries.

Check the Godrej refrigerator price at Bajaj Mall and buy it at a discount rate.

Godrej has joined forces with Bajaj Mall to market and sell its products, and these are being sold at a discounted price and with special promotions. A wide selection of Godrej refrigerators can be found at Bajaj Mall. The user-friendly and visually appealing design of the site makes it easy to compare different choices. To make an educated decision, you may compare the Godrej refrigerator price to that of any other brand. 

The Bajaj Mall is the only place where you can readily get such feature-rich refrigerators at the lowest EMI. You can compare the latest fridge prices at Bajaj Mall in order to select the right model based on your needs. By using the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card during your purchase, you get No Cost EMI options with zero down payment and free doorstep delivery.

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